Trish, through Prosperity Partners, has managed funds for me for a number of years. During that time I have had complete faith in her ability to make the best decisions that has enabled the fund to grow. I appreciate her warm personal approach and friendship
— Annette

Prosperity Partners are great to deal with, they keep us well informed and we get the feeling that Trish and the team treat our portfolio as their own
— Scott and Catherine

Trish takes time to get to know her clients, to understand their needs with respect to factors such as; return on investment, allowable risk and cash requirements. Trish and her team are constantly reviewing the portfolio relevance to the market and recommending changes as necessary. We are pleased with the results
— Lloyd

I have recently been introduced to Trish by a long standing client of hers. I have had investments in managed funds for the last 5 years and have been very disappointed with the returns. I have met with Trish this year and was very impressed with her professional service but still informal. She explained very clearly how the process works and the fees involved. I receive regular updates and market comments from Trish too. I am looking forward to working with Trish going forward
— Paul

My family have been clients of Prosperity Partners Trust for thirty years. I appreciate my parents’ wisdom in being advised and guided by Trish Lynds. I have learned about investments, enjoying the quarterly reports and annual reviews. Trish’s forward planning and wise forethought have given me confidence and peace of mind. The annual seminars are educational and it has been very empowering to understand the share market and what’s happening on the world stage. Retirement planning has ensured that I will be comfortable in my older age. There has never been high risk but Trish’s expertise and experience have brought profits that have enhanced my life and my ability to support my family. I have been encouraged to spend in early retirement with an understanding that this is the time to live life to the full, secure in the knowledge that the future is managed. Similarly, Prosperity Partners Trust have advised on careful consideration and planning so that family honour their inheritance and learn the wisdom of life management. I trust Prosperity Partners and I am grateful that the quality of my life has been significantly enhanced
— Christine