With a bit of luck, we will all have many years of retirement. As those years approach there is much to consider. For many, retirement is a time to reconfigure how and where we live. For everyone it is a time of change with the two overriding considerations of finances and health.

For most people retirement means a significantly reduced income. This means that assets and investments need to be carefully managed and protected. Income from investments become more important than ever.  Ones appetite for risk becomes lower.

As retirement approaches (or maybe you have already retired) we can help develop a plan. We can work through your wishes, realities and options. We can map out how best to transition to, (and to have), as enjoyable and comfortable a retirement as possible. As well as finances the road map will need to consider; property, partners, family, wills, health issues … and last but by no means least … having fun and ticking off your wish list.