Our aim is to outperform the banks, managed funds or other financial planners. We do so by favouring shares directly and by picking winners (of which there are a few). Just as important as picking winners is avoiding the losers (of which there are many).

Having created a portfolio of investments we recognise that nothing stays the same for very long. We actively manage the portfolio. We move to those investments that we believe are on the way up and drop those that appear to have peaked or are poised to be disappointing. We also adjust the portfolio as client circumstances change e.g. retirement and the need for income.

‘Picking winners’ and adjusting portfolios takes research, input from financial specialists and a keen ‘nose’ for the marketplace. That Prosperity Partners can respond/react quickly is a big help, as is having 29 years of experience.

Different clients have different circumstances and therefore different appetites for risk. During one’s lifetime that appetite will change. Typically, whilst a client is earning the emphasis is on capital growth of the investments. Upon retirement the emphasis shifts to lower risk investments that produce an income. Each client’s needs will be reflected in the spread of risk and balance within the portfolio.