Prosperity Partners recognise that no two people’s circumstances, needs or goals are the same. When we create an Investment Plan, we craft it to meet each clients unique requirements.

The Investment Plan, once agreed and implemented, becomes your Investment portfolio. That portfolio is regularly reviewed by Prosperity Partners. As your circumstances change, or when the market presents better investment opportunities, your portfolio is updated.

At Prosperity Partners we have no affiliations, incentives or interests that influence investment recommendations. Our only motivation is to make those investments that are in our client’s best interests.

To make investment recommendations we research and select from NZ and Australian shares, International Managed Funds and Fixed Interest. Investments that combine to generate income and capital growth are favoured. Active management of portfolios helps to maximise returns and to mitigate risk.

The point of all this is for Prosperity Partners to deliver the very best investment returns possible, whilst of course considering the level of risk that is prudent in each client’s situation.